The NFL & Microsoft: Improving Productivity & Enhancing the Game Day Experience

Finding new and better ways for NFL fans to experience Game Day as well as improve work productivity for coaches, players and organizations. This is the mission of the NFL and Microsoft partnership and in today’s episode, Blain Barton and Mike Downey walk us through some examples of how Microsoft is delivering innovative devices, services and technologies for the NFL.

  • [1:30] How did Microsoft first get involved with the NFL?
  • [2:50] Tell us about Surface on the Sidelines and how this is impacting the game?
  • [6:08] So what happened exactly during the AFC Championship game earlier this year?
  • [8:09] Lets talk about Xbox and consumer apps for a second — how does this impact the Game Day experience for NFL fans?
  • [11:22] How are players using the Surface?
  • [14:37] How about Azure Machine Learning? Is this being used by teams?


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